Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Last month's V&A Friday late was inspired by the Japanese subculture of Lolita fashion. It was one of the best Friday lates in a long time. The museum was very busy, there was a good turn out of visitors in suitably dressed attire. It was a really fun evening, with a good atmosphere. I enjoyed looking at all the costumes, and seeing the effort put in to putting the look together.

I particularly liked the fashion illustrations on the programme booklet. 

The last photograph of the post, is of at the front of the museum, at the end of the evening. It was quite surreal all the outfits late at night, underneath the white traffic cone Heatherwick installation.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Friday Late Unbuilt

Last Friday Night Late theme was unbuilt, to tie in with the current Thomas Heatherwick exhibition. His work includes a exterior window display for Harvey Nichols of exposed wooden legs. He also recently redesigned the red london bus. In the main entrance was a installation which consisted of light up florusecent tubes, with ipads hanging down.

The evening explored the interplay between architecture and the visual arts. Ranging from the current pop-up phenomenon of temporary installations, to film, performance, music and workshops, Friday Late presents a wide range of projects where experimenting at the boundary of art and architecture forms the primary source of inspiration.

The workshop in the art studio was by the artist: Slinkachu, where you could create your own minature figure from plasticene. Drink, Shop & Do in collaboration with Slinkachu: Big Invasion of Small Sculptures 18.30 – 21.30 Make your very own Slinkachu-inspired miniature figurine and explore scale by creating a micro scenario in the vast spaces of the V&A. Use your smart phone to photograph and email your best image to by 21.30. The three best images will win a copy of Slinkachu’s book, and a selection of images will be available to view on the Drink, Shop & Do website and the V&A’s Facebook page. The last four photographs at the end are by Slinkachu.

Friday, 29 June 2012

British Design Exhibition

At the moment there are quite a lot of exhibitions themed around Britishness. Obviuosly to tie in with the upcoming Olympics. One of the best of these is the V&A's exhibition, British Design 1948–2012: Innovation in the Modern Age, celebrates the best of British post-war art and design from the 1948 ‘Austerity Games' to the present day. Over 300 British design objects highlight significant moments in the history of British design and how the country continues to nurture artistic talent and be a world leader in creativity and design.

My favourite pieces in the show were the punk wear from Vivienne Westwood. The Hussein Chalayan light dress. Damien Hirst's pharmacy restaurant. Also the British green, yellow and white road signage.I think it is great that the theme has been taken through to the main entrance and shop too. With pillars surrounded in iconic British prints, mainly from the fifties era. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Buttons in Haberdashery

In the CherryKatie shop, now avaliable buttons to buy. In the new buttons section in the haberdashery. Uploaded are a range of buttons, such as vintage and fabric. The link to the buttons section: