Sunday, 6 September 2009

V & A fantasy exhibition

I recently went to the fantasy exhibition, about telling tales in fantasy and fear in contemporary design. At the Victoria and Albert museum, its free and on till the 18th October.

My favourite pieces from the show are: the 'Fig Leaf' wardrobe by Tord Boontje. He has created products for habitat including lightshades. The wardrobe is made out of hand-painted enamelled copper leaves, lost-wax cast patinated bronze tree, iron tracery support structure, hand dyed and woven silk base and back.

'Tord Boontje regards the fig as a symbol of fertility, associating it with oases and the biblical notion of Paradise. The snake persuaded Adam and Eve to eat an apple from the tree of knowledge. They then fell from grace and were expelled from Paradise, wearing only fig leaves to hide their newfound shame. Ironically, the wardrobe only becomes 'dressed' when its user is not.'

My other favourite piece is the, 'Linen Cupboard House' by Jurgen Bey. The piece is made out of found furniture, textiles, mattress and stone.

'Just as children imaginatively build fortresses, so Jurgen Bey used old furniture to create this guest room. It is like the gingerbread house in the classic fairy story, where Hansel and Gretel were promised sanctuary but were deceived by the witch. Their story can be understood as a parable of the loss of innocence.'

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