Friday, 2 September 2011

Vote for my John Lewis Design

Vote for my John Lewis Design, talenthouse competition. I designed a case for an iPhone and iPad to be sold in John Lewis.

My idea is ‘Trend Girls’, illustrations of the big fashion trends of autumn winter 2011/2012. The Illustrations are black fine line pen. I have created the marble ink paint backgrounds, using the key colours of autumn winter.

My idea focuses on the case designs combined with an app. To have an app developed called John Lewis Fashion Trends for the I phone and I pad. The app would show each illustration and trend description. To go with each trend there would be product shots of suggested key pieces from John Lewis. The items could then be touched on, which would be linked up to the website to buy online.

The case designs and app, would appeal to a younger generation of customers who are enjoy fashion and technology.

Illustrations from left to right:

I phone

Spotty Service - Topshop Unique

I pad

Psychedelic Furs - The Row

Collage Studies - Mary Katrantzou

Colour Forms – Chloe

Tux Love - Chanel

Spotty Service - Paul Smith

To vote for my entry, and leave a comment, click through to the page here:

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A/W Illustrations

Colour Forms - Chloe

Psychedelic Furs - The Row

Tux Love - Chanel

Spotty Service - Topshop Unique

Collage Studies - Mary Katrantzou

Collage Studies - Comme Des Garcons

Spotty Service - Paul Smith

Collage Studies - Suno

I have produced new fashion illustrations for A/W 2011/2012 trends. I created these new illustrations using marble ink paint for the backgrounds. I chose the colour palletes to reflect the colours in each particular outfit. I used black fine line pens and black marker pens for the drawings.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Regents Park, London Zoo and London Film Museum

Regents Park

London Film Museum Mystical Unicorn Prop

UFOS Props

Willy Wonka prop to buy

Mr Bean and Ali G Costumes

Tweed Suit

Synthetic Nineties Tracksuit

London Zoo

Poisionous Yellow Frog

Touch the Jellyfish


I went to a few places in a day out with my family. We walked through regents park to go to London Zoo. There were some beautiful buildings surrounding the park, of the regency style hence Regents Park. White and grand architecture. It is a nice change to go to attractions that aren't always art related.

We also went to the London film museum, in county hall, in the same building as the aquarium on the south bank.
Mostly the exhibits were either Harry Potter or Star Wars, there were some pieces of interest to me. There was numerous costumes and props displayed. My favourites were a original Mr Bean suit and Ali G orange tracksuit. The tweed suit was quite slim fitting. There was also props of mystical creatures, two headed wolves and unicorns.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Worst Fashion




Man Handbag

Bow Tie


Afghan Coats

Big Collars

Knitted Waistcoats


Safari Suit

Checked Trousers


I am currently reading the book worst fashion, what we shouldn't have worn... but did. The pieces that stood out the most to me as shocking were:

- Too Hot to Handle - Hot Pants - A Shaggy Story - Afghan Coat - Legwarmers - Bumbags - Platforms


- Flares - Out of Africa - The Safari Suit - Knitted belted waistcoats - Don't Get Shirty - Patterned Shirts - Hot Under the Collar - Big Collars - Handbags


- Tank Tops
- Tracksuits - Transparent Clothing - Matching Clothing

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots

Boris Johnson

2012 Preperation

All Sorts

Waiting My Turn


Shame Face


Hoxton Beach

I Wear the Trousers Posh Boy

Downing Loot

I watched avidly the london riots, on BBC and Sky news. Seeing many areas of london I know, going up in flames. I produced a new drawing of Boris Johnson on the tuesday afternoon, after the worst night of rioting. In clapham junction brandshing a broom, a symbol of cleaning up london. Also a choice few of some of my favourite funny photos from the popular photoshop looter blog.

I do not agree with the violence, however I am being let down by the current government. There are not enough jobs/opportunities and housing for young people. There are many people who have studied hard, in debt from university of near thirty grand, and there are no jobs to aim towards. Cameron blames the culture of society, he needs to take responsbility. By investing not making cuts to young people. He cut the future jobs fund, cuts to the arts etc.
He is cutting people's ambitions, he wants a big society of free workers, so that he can use the money to go on hoilday.