Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots

Boris Johnson

2012 Preperation

All Sorts

Waiting My Turn


Shame Face


Hoxton Beach

I Wear the Trousers Posh Boy

Downing Loot

I watched avidly the london riots, on BBC and Sky news. Seeing many areas of london I know, going up in flames. I produced a new drawing of Boris Johnson on the tuesday afternoon, after the worst night of rioting. In clapham junction brandshing a broom, a symbol of cleaning up london. Also a choice few of some of my favourite funny photos from the popular photoshop looter blog.

I do not agree with the violence, however I am being let down by the current government. There are not enough jobs/opportunities and housing for young people. There are many people who have studied hard, in debt from university of near thirty grand, and there are no jobs to aim towards. Cameron blames the culture of society, he needs to take responsbility. By investing not making cuts to young people. He cut the future jobs fund, cuts to the arts etc.
He is cutting people's ambitions, he wants a big society of free workers, so that he can use the money to go on hoilday.

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