Thursday, 18 August 2011

Regents Park, London Zoo and London Film Museum

Regents Park

London Film Museum Mystical Unicorn Prop

UFOS Props

Willy Wonka prop to buy

Mr Bean and Ali G Costumes

Tweed Suit

Synthetic Nineties Tracksuit

London Zoo

Poisionous Yellow Frog

Touch the Jellyfish


I went to a few places in a day out with my family. We walked through regents park to go to London Zoo. There were some beautiful buildings surrounding the park, of the regency style hence Regents Park. White and grand architecture. It is a nice change to go to attractions that aren't always art related.

We also went to the London film museum, in county hall, in the same building as the aquarium on the south bank.
Mostly the exhibits were either Harry Potter or Star Wars, there were some pieces of interest to me. There was numerous costumes and props displayed. My favourites were a original Mr Bean suit and Ali G orange tracksuit. The tweed suit was quite slim fitting. There was also props of mystical creatures, two headed wolves and unicorns.

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