Thursday, 19 November 2009

Luella Good Times and Bad Times

The bad times is the current economic climate, meaning that one of my favourite designers Luella, is finishing. One of the main finacial backers, has pulled out, hopefully there will be a new investor soon. I have joined the Facebook group 'Save Luella!'. Where some of these lovely illustrations have been uploaded.

The good times, is there is still the Luella Christmas display at Libertys to gaze upon. The display consists of the windows, grotto, and the main entrance filled with lighting. The windows are themed by Luella Bartley, with a very British feel. One window has foxes, another has the Queen's speech on the television. Whilst visiting I recommend travelling up to the fourth floor for the haberdashery department. A lovely selection of fabrics, wools, and handmade items.

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