Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Lowry and Tate Liverpool

This week I went up north, out of the London area. I visited the Lowry Gallery in Manchester & the Tate Liverpool. At the Lowry gallery I went to the Art and Advertsising exhibition. Asda canvas shopping bags used as material to create a trench coat. I thought it was a really invoative piece, as it was a piece of recycled clothing that actually is wearable. Designed by Fiona Oakes and Richard Thorner from Salford University.

I also visited the Tate Liverpool, situated in the developed docks. The current This is Sculpture exhibition, was really intresting. Some of the pieces I had already seen in the pernament collections in the Tate Modern. Two pieces really stood out to me, the first is the Condition of Woman by Arman. A mixed media piece consisting of tampax, smashed mirrors. Fragaments of a woman's life, it gave the impression of a female without actually showing a person.

The other piece I enjoyed was the Beverly Edmier by Keith Edmier. Looked like the figure was made out of wax. A pink woman, exposing her foetus, with the skin transparent. It really spoke out to me, the maternal instinct. It was a Sensory experience, as that room had headphones to wear whilst walking round. The music was from Alextronic the hive collective dingle 2am.

Art & Advertising A Creative Fusion
The Lowry
23rd Jan - 11th April

Dla Piper Series: This is Sculpture
Tate Liverpool
1st May 09 - 1st April 11

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