Saturday, 5 December 2009

Harvey Nichols Christmas Window Display

The Harvey Nichols christmas window display, for this year consists of feathers and glitter. Manipulating the mannequins, with these materials. The mannequins are framed around the entrance of the main doorway, with folliage. I particularly like the mens hairstyles.

The instore display area around the escalators, is turquoise mannequins that look ice cold. With big fluffy hairstyles in red, black and white. With made up faces, kind of like black warrior paint with glitter around the eyes. All the mannequins are dressed up, in the latest chrsitmas outfits, with lots of sequins. The mannequins are emphasised by a backdrop of gold swirls and fairy lights. With gold leaf paper, pasted on the surrounding wall areas. Making the mannequins appear to jump out at you.

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