Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fashion Finger Puppets

One of my inspirations is the fashion finger puppets, I came across these within the handbag and accesories department of Libertys. The puppets are created by Rubbish, a publishing and marketing creative company. There are numerous designers available costing from £5 to £65, they have featured on

I particularly like the Viktor and Rolf cojoined pair, and the Isabella Blow one complete with iconic hat.
There are sets for each of the major fashion capitals. Green set for London, with the puppets Giles, Vivienne, Paul, Luella & Christopher. Red set for Milan, with the puppets Donatella, Giorgio, Miuccia, V&R & Anna. Blue set for Paris, with the puppets John, Karl, Sonia, Jean Paul & Alber. Yellow set for New York, with the puppets Andre, Zac, Donna, Hamish & Ralph. They also make politican puppets, I like the Boris Johnson one the best. As he is such a funny character knitted and in real life.

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