Friday, 16 April 2010

Pop up shops

Okido magazine - Brixton Village
Ogilvy ad agency - Idea shop
Supermarket Sarah - Selfridges
Marmite shop - Regent Street
Harvey Nichols Hub - Hanover square

Last night I went to a talk at the innovation centre at Central Saint Martins, all about pop up shops. A relatively new phenomeon, in timing with the recession, making good use out of slack space for creative projects. However it was pointed out that even though it seems a new idea, pop up shops, have appeared in previous recessions in the 90s and 70s. The talk was giving information about how to organize your own pop shop. Such as how to write a proposal, approach bussinesses/landlords/councils, existing schemes, costs and marketing.

Pop up shops, can be making use of an existing building, or putting up a static space in an unused area. There are schemes by local councils, across the country to help motivate ideas into business ventures.
Pop up shops are being arranged by all different creative people, to each show a product or service. There are incubator scenrios, where the space is used as a artist studio and a shop/exhibition space. Also big companies are investing in this trend, to create a hype and new press coverage of their brand. Obviously the bigger the company the more money is invested into the space.

I found the talk stimulating it is a possible venture for me in the future.

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