Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Press from Hospital Club window display

I recently created a window and foyer display for The Hospital Club. The major press I received was from the Vogue blog. I met one of the writers of the Vogue blog, she is from the Beauty department, but writes the blog. I also was featured on the Hospital club Twitter page, and website. I didn't actually realise until I saw the webpage, but I was shortlisted for the creative residencency programme that the Hospital Club runs for this year.

I also have received mention on the Very magazine forum, autumn/winter london fashion week section.

VERY is known as one of the first magazines focusing on the fashion-and art hybrid. Featuring art, fashion, design and ideas it is strong while understated in look and memorable with its matt, high quality paper. Powerful is the very personal mix of subjects, which has retained its integrity all those years.

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