Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Puff and Flock

One of my current inspirations are the textiles collective known as Puff and Flock. All the members are graduates of the MA in future textiles from Central Saint Martins. I am a fan on their facebook page. They have a studio in East London, complete with screen printing facilities. They partake in exhibitions, hold workshops and create products for sale. I particulary like Amelia Labarthe work, including her dolls. I would love to part of textiles collective such as this one.

Bio: We are a recently formed group of textile designers, bound by a shared vision for the future direction of design. Far from the common perception of textile designers as girls who draw flowers, we are individuals who integrate aspects of material science, fine arts, academic research, storytelling, and product design into our practice. Because this broad understanding of textile design is still considered unconventional, we join forces to create a stronger statement for textiles.

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