Thursday, 18 November 2010

Friday Late V & A - Catching Shadows

As part of my job, I was lucky enough to work on the last Friday Late Night, Catching Shadows. In celebration of the exhibition Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography, an evening of performances and installations, talks and film screenings. Explore the amazing processes involved in this art, from its inception in the 19th Century to the present day. All will be revealed as we uncover the science behind camera-less photography!

For the event I helped with the set up, of the anonymous collaborative artists, Luzinterruptus. Their work was a lighting installation positioned in the John
Madejski gardens. I am the middle figure in the last photograph. The day consisted mostly of being in two black gazebos, in the south right corner of the garden. Stuffing the dolls with plastics, dressing the dolls in black garments. Also sewing lights to the dolls, in specfic positions.

Their description of their work: 'For the occasion we created an installation of human shadows, using 100 inflatable dolls, contemporary plastic sculptures. The figures were dressed in black and shut inside gigantic white garbage bags, to which we added strategically placed points of light to achieve the effect of authentically trapped shadows. The original idea was to have them standing so that they seemed to be living beings in distinct postures, but the tremendous night wind, decided for us and ended up giving an unexpected aspect to the installation, which was finally converted into a dramatic cemetery of shadows waiting to be buried.'

It was a pleasure to work with the artists, and I wish them all the best with their future projects.

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