Monday, 29 November 2010

Friday Late V&A - Give It Away

I went to the last V & A friday night late event at the end of November. The event it was called give it away, about entering into the Christmas spirit with a night of open source design events curated by students from The Royal College of Art's Design Products course. Engage in the alternative Christmas market workshops in the Grand Entrance, and make something to take home with you. Or line up for skills-sharing sessions taking place in the Sackler Centre. Also, students will be presenting new project ideas so take part by championing those you think should be developed.

The stall I felt inspired by the most was the vegetable/fruit dyes fabric printing stall, making interesting patterns. Located in the sackler centre lunchrooms. The creators were two girls
: Marta Bakowski and Dafi Reis Doran. This joint project between the two girls, showed how they took an old fashioned traditional technique, to produce new contemporay textiles. The girls are looking it to ways of making the natural food dyes pernament on fabric. Food products used to create dye were:

- Beetroot = purple
- Orange = acid yellow
- Cabbage = green
- Blueberries = blue
- Red Onion = red

Manipulating fabric, with natural products I find quite interesting. A similar idea is the product Nature paint, made out of cornish clay. My boyfriend Steven, has just finished a project with this product. He is currently on the creative advertising masters course at Falmouth. It is a eco friendly paint, which comes in a powder in a packet, instead of a tin, you just add water. Apparently the man who created nature paint,
at marketing events he will drink the paint. As it contains no chemicals, to show it is harmless.

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