Thursday, 7 July 2011


New York Store Front

Hanging Seagulls

Hanging Marshmellows

Dressing table complete with sewing machine and chanel book

Controverisal display - the brand stole a artist idea

Cherry Blossom Tree Iron Bed

Living Wall

Cupcake Cases Wall


Beautifully Laid Out

Household utensils chandelier - V&A chandelier style?

Scultpural Cardboard Rolls Wall

Hanging Petals

More Hanging things - Lolipops

Hanging Cameras

Hanging Books

Newspaper Bird

Princess in the Pea Bed

My new favourite inspiring shops is anthropologie, for both the store design and product selection. I have been in the Regents street store and looked in the windows of the smaller Kensington, Kings Road branch.

In the Regents store there was a huge old oak wood dining table, splattered in paint. The style is eclectic, and gives a feeling of individuality. There are cute signs pointing to the till point.
The stores sell clothing, jewellery and homeware.

The store is aready established in America, and is relatively new to the UK. When I first visited the store, it was pretty empty, I think this is because most people aren't familar with it yet.
Lovely shops to wander around though, the quietness makes it more special. Compared to the pushing and shoving of Primark.

The displays all have a handmade artist feel to them. The brand seems to like to hang things from the celling a lot, as well as repetiveness of the same items displayed, in different colour combinations.
The stock is quite expensive, however I noticed with the clothing it is worth the pricing. As most of the clothing, using nice quality fabrics such as velvets and knits. Also there is detailling to pieces, such as embroidery which makes it worth the monies.

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