Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Birthday Books

Hologram Front Cover, McQueen Face

Hologram Front Cover, Skull

Fierce Skelton Heels

Mussels Hardwear Top

Candyfloss Hair

Horse Hair

I have just had my 23rd birthday, amongst my presents I was given some new art books.

- How to start a fashion label, as my ambition is to start my own business.

- William Morris, and the Arts and Craft Home Book.
I enjoy looking at the textile prints of this movement. I see quite a lot of Morris's work at the V&A, such as the beautiful Morris restaurant room.

- Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty, The front cover is a holgram of his face and a skull. Symbolic of his use of skulls in his design work and his own dimise. This book was shortly released after McQueens recent death. It is a beautiful book,
containing photography of his stand out pieces. A real tribute to his hard work, there are many impressive images.

- Hair em Scare Them, from the publisher Die Gestalten Verlag. A book focusing on imagery on the theme hair, in a mix of media.

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