Sunday, 3 July 2011

Spring Summer Trends 2011

Le Vernis Mimosa Yellow (Nails) - Chanel

Cherry Bomb (Hair) - Marc Jacobs

Loud Prints - Prada

Tangerine Dream - Cacharel

Floral Fantasy - Erdem

Sport Brogues - Prada

A much needed post on the current spring summer trends of 2011. I have been reading up on the trends in various magazine and online. And these are the main ones I have picked out, the best pieces in my opinion:

- Le Vernis Mimosa Yellow (Nails) - Chanel. Because you can never have enough of bright sunshine, there’s got to be a little sunshine yellow on your fingertips.

- Cherry Bomb (Hair) - Marc Jacobs. Drawing from the decadence of the Seventies, this sexy, sassy look sees frothy, candyfloss curls come just the right side of frizzy for a finish of epic proportions.GET THE LOOK: Rickrack hair in Kirby grips and leave to set - adding a spritz of strong hold hair spray. Finally, brush the hair out and then backcomb the lengths with a brush.

- Loud Prints - Prada. Miuccia Prada demonstrated just how fun fashion can be, her show featured a range of eclectic, 'shouty' prints, including bananas and monkey motifs, brought together by chunky stripes.

- Tangerine Dream - Cacharel. Zesty shades of orange give even the most ladylike looks a vibrant youthful flair. Tame your tangerine - use a contrasting rich colour to temper the shade. Try a touch of turquoise, a dash of hot-pink or a flash of glossy gold. This hue begs to be worn with tanned, toned legs. If the head-to-toe look is too bold, introduce orange as a lush accent via bags, shoes and shades.

- Floral Fantasy - Erdem. London Fashion Week hot-shot Erdem created a floral fantasy, fusing primary colours to dazzling effect.

- Sport Brogues - Prada. Are they brogues? Are they espadrilles? Or are they sporty, spongey, slightly futuristic edge? The answer: they're Prada. And in fashion terms, that's all that matters.

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