Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rave On Live

Ravensbourne New Campus

Rory Enjoying Himself

Broadcast Open Plan Classroom

Broadcasting Equipment

Broadcasting - Lots of sitting around involved

Fashion Department Entrance - Tailors Dummies

Blue Ink Shift Dress Drawing

Vintage Blue and Yellow Suitcases

Ghost Party

Kim Nguyen - Textiles

Kim Nguyen - Pandas

Kim Nguyen - Mushrooms

Kim Nguyen - Outfits

Kim Nguyen - Patterns

Kim Nguyen - Fabric Swatches

Sculptural Skelton Piece - Elsa Schiaparelli Style

Demanding Models Poster!

Indoor Miniature Garden

Whole Car on Wall - o2

Recently myself and my family went to see my brother Rory, at his end of year university show. At the new Ravensbourne building, situated in Greenwich opposite the o2. He is studying a degree in broadcast engineering . The end year show main attraction was the, 'Rave on Live' show. Where the whole univerisity works together to produce a tv channel, which could be picked up on Freeview in the local surrounding area. We are all proud of him studying, that evening he co jointly won a award, for most accomplished engineer.

I also enjoyed looking around the fashion display, however most of it had been taken down. The fashion catwalk had been the previous day, so I assume people had already taken work home. The fitting models required poster I liked the harshess of the requirements for the size of the models.

One display stood out to me was the textile patterns designed by Kim Nguyen. I loved her use of bright colours, and style of illustrations combing animals with fashion, a fantasy. I found her work on arts thread. As well as the illustrations, there was swatches of the patterns on fabric. I could see them being sold in a upmarket retailer, such as the Peter Jones haberdashery floor.

We also went in the o2 afterwards for dinner, I liked the full size car, mounted on a wall indoors surrounded by splashed of vibrant paint. In the photo it looks like quite small, even though it wasn't.

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