Monday, 4 June 2012

Selfridges - The Big British Bang

Today I visited Selfridges as they have an in store event, 'The Big British Bang'. It includes window displays, a exhibition in the ultra lounge, a pop up shop of exclusive British products and a roof top tea garden. 

The pop up shop was situated on the ground floor near the watches and perfume. The pop up shop featured various British and British themed products. The products including oil paintings of thunder birds, Vivienne Westwood British flag pattern dresses, Greenwich mean time beer and tatty devine jewellery and hairbands.
The windows were all themed British, with builders tea party, corgis and a weather man display. I liked the Vivienne Westwood windows on the far left corner of the building food hall entrance. Hanging rope, dip dyed turquoise blue displayed around the clothing on mannequins.

Also in the Ultra Lounge was the fashion exhibition 'Britannica 1951 - 1953' curated by Judith Clark from the V&A. All the outfits in the exhibition were modern recreations of Vogue dressmaking patterns from 1951 - 1953. The dresses were all in the tone of grey, to recreate the grey scale photography of the fifties. A very well thought out exhibition, clever in showing 50s fashion in a contemporary look. Judith Clark also wrote one of my favourite fashion books Spectres.

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