Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Spring Summer 2012 Underwear Designs 1 & 2

Above are my Spring Summer 2012 Underwear Designs, Ultra Brights and Flirty Texture. These are the first two of six designs. I will be making all of my designs, all of the underwear will be handmade in London, UK.

Ultra Bright Trend
Spring runways were more colorful than the crowd at a Lady Gaga concert. Bold, solid-color pieces—like a cardi and skirt, wrap dress or demure one-piece suit—make simple dressing look glam. Our style tip: Stick to three colors max to avoid the girly, Rainbow Brite look.

Flirty Texture 
Sexy texture, a flourish of flirty lace is key to spring's old-school scarlet vibe.

The underwear will be available on

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